Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arizona Portrait Photographer - Anne

Anne and I have been friends for nearly 16 years throughout which she has been a source of wisdom and strength. She has been one of my biggest supporters and I so appreciate her presence in my life. She volunteered to model for me and she did an amazing job being gorgeous! I had a new camera and a new lens to try out and the results turned out great! We shot in various places in the east valley and she was amazing everywhere we went!

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  1. i actually had tears in my eyes when i'm looking over your past shoots. you are just incredible....i am so glad that you are doing this for other people to enjoy your gift.

    you don't realize how much of a gift it is until you try to take your own photos. of course moving beyond point and shoot would be nice:)

    also this all makes methink when we were in NYC and were with the snotty photographers. they were "shooting" Grant Hill and we were thinking, "who's that?!" lol lol luv ya.

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