Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The EKP FIVE STAR Experience

It's here!  The EKP FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE has arrived just in time for the holidays!  THE EKP FIVE STAR Experience is designed to unleash and capture your remarkable presence in the world. In the most exceptional way possible, with a team of professionals, THE EKP FIVE STAR Experience will tantalize & delight your senses, bring forth every beautiful aspect of your being and capture your extraordinary spirit for all time.

With professional hair styling and makeup artistry, with remarkable wardrobe and accessory styling, with a beautiful environment in Arizona's gorgeous City of Chandler, with delicious tastings to please your appetite and with world class portraiture by Elaine Kessler Photography, the EKP FIVE STAR Experience will satisfy your senses and create an everlasting  record of who you are in the world.  

Your EKP FIVE STAR Experience will begin with a consultation with Elaine Kessler Photography.  Elaine will custom tailor the FIVE STAR Experience to meet your personal and aesthetic needs.  Elaine and THE EKP FIVE STAR team will collaborate to create a memorable and exciting session just for you.  Our wardrobe stylist will work with you on coordinating the best color palette from your closet and will offer to pair your wardrobe with some of our beautiful accessories from THE EKP FIVE STAR Fashion Trunk.  

THE EKP FIVE STAR Experience is held at a residential property in Chandler, AZ.  The home will have delicious gourmet treats designed to be both comforting and appetizing.  Scented oils and soothing music will set the stage for a relaxing session with our accomplished hair stylist and makeup artist.  Our wardrobe stylist will help you assemble and coordinate your look.  After enjoying some specialty foods and drinks and being pampered to look your finest, Elaine Kessler Photography will perfectly capture you in a fresh studio setting with lighting that will make you feel like a fashion model.  The EKP FIVE STAR Experience also includes a session in a gorgeous outdoor setting where the natural beauty of Arizona will match your elegance and allure.  
In a post consultation, you will review the amazing images from your session.  You will select the images you love to be showcased with 5 8x10 luxury prints presented in a fine storage case.

The EKP FIVE STAR Experience is a unique opportunity to design, create and capture who you are at your very best.  You will have a phenomenal time with THE EKP FIVE STAR Team and you will have treasured images that both you and your loved ones will cherish for all time.

Schedule YOUR session today or Schedule a session for a loved one!  Gift certificates available!

Life is fleeting.  Now is the time to document the incredible person you've become.  Create a timeless treasure for yourself and all who know you with THE EKP FIVE STAR Experience.