Monday, June 27, 2011

June, Jaime

I am way behind on blogging but it's only because EKP has truly been rocking and rolling of late. Where we expected June to be the start of slow slow slow season, it's been our most productive month yet. We are at 84 shoots now, with 7 more on the books, since we opened for business last fall.

In May I photographed a high school senior and her family and the sessions were amazing...such beautiful people and some of my best work. Unfortunately, they requested that their images not be shared. Much to my great disappointment, the world won't get to share in the delight of seeing their awesomeness. What I learned from their sessions were the following tidbits:

~No matter how much money people have or don't have, people are always still just people, with cool kinks and quirks, no matter their financial status.
~When it comes to doing something they don't normally do, people want guidance. As a photographer, I need to be prepared to create not only an experience during sessions but a journey. This requires both forethought and spontaneity.

I can blog about some other sessions...I'll start with Jaime. Jaime volunteered to be a model and together we broke free of some of what had been holding us both back. I hadn't explored Roosevelt Row with my camera and she hadn't explored how awesome she would be as a model and we both made amazing strides! Here's proof:

I really enjoy working one on one with people on their portraits - we both have creative control of what images we're producing and it really is a team effort. I love what Jaime and I produced together! Thanks Jaime!