Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fawn's Family

We did a fun family session with Fawn's family in a lush Chandler greenbelt.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cotton fields

Another fave from 2012:  My dear friends and neighbors are on the blog!  We shot their session in a lovely cotton field close to sunset and the couple and each of their 6 kids are stunning!  

New Life

This was one my most favorite sessions of 2012 (I'm still trying to get caught up on this blog).  This session featured beautiful individuals, new life and tender moments together.  Enjoy!


Buckroe Sunrise

These were just a few fun shots we took on our last day in Virginia.  We woke early to catch the sunrise over Buckroe Beach.  I used to run to this beach from my childhood home in Hampton.  I love the sound of the waves rolling in and the smell of the beach.  I love the birds and the shells and the way the sky meets the water.  It was such a neat thing to be able to stay at this particular beach and have my children experience nature in a way that I did as a kid.  It was cold but none of us minded.  They danced at the water's edge and sang little ditties as a new day dawned before our eyes.  

Ben & Katie

My brother and sister in law live on the east coast and we took a little time to work together during my visit last fall.  They are a gorgeous couple who make my job super fun and super easy.  Just look at them!  My brother is currently in Afghanistan and looking through this shoot makes me a little weepy but certainly proud.  He is a young man full of character, strength and wisdom.  His wife is not only beautiful but her spirit is generous and loving.  I am so proud to be related to them.    

Personal Moments in PA

We spent a few weeks on the east coast last fall enjoying family and friends.  EKP also shot a wedding and several portrait sessions.  Here are some personal moments from the trip.